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Work of 2017

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 59.5cm x 42 cm, 2017 [Privately Owned]

Man Leading Horse, Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 45cm, 2017 [Unavailable]

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 20cm x 30cm [Privately Owned]

Gubdor, 2017, Oil on Canvas

Gubdor, Oil on Canvas, 173cm x 100cm, 2017 [Contact for Inquiries]

Figures by Window, 2017, Oil on Belgian Linen, 50cm x 50cm [Privately Owned]

View from Window on West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. Oil on Raw Linen, 40cm x 57cm, 2017 [Privately Owned]

Untitled, Oil on Linen, 50cm x 75cm, 2017 [Purchased for Ukraine Donation]

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